Rovic Leers
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Row Crop (mechanical)

The Rovic Leers Range includes Kuhn PLM and PPK seeding units

Min Till Maizeplanter (mechanical)
The Kuhn range of plate singulation minimum till planters comprise of the PLM(1-4 row) range for the small to medium scale operation and the PPK (4 row) for Medium scale farming
Kuhn PLM minimum till economice maize planters can effectively be used also for soya, sorghum or beands. Row spacings of 45  or 90cm are available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 row configuration on a 3-point mount.

Each row unit has a 50 litre seed and 65 litre fertilizer capacity and is mounted on an independent parallelogram. Mechanical row markers are standard. A knife opener is used for fertilizer placement
The Trailed Kuhn PPK 500, 4 row planter is available in 75cm or 90cm row width. Mechanical plate singulation handles maize, soya, sorghum and beans
Auto reset knife openers are used for fertilizer placement, 250litre seed and 620 litre fertilizer capacity and hydraulic row markers are standard.

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