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Row Crop No Till Planter (vacuum)

The Rovic Leers Range includes Kuhn PDM PG and Rovic MP planters

Min Till maize planter (vacuum)
The Kuhn Maxima PDM PG range of no till pneumatic maize planters are renowned for their ability to plant through high levels of stover and stubble residue.
For longer units the Rovic range extends to 24 rows at 90cm spacing.
Kuhn Maxima PDM PG pneumatic no till planters for maixe, soya, sorghum and beans are available in 4-10 rows in 75 or 90cm spacing and 7-9rows in 45cm spacing. The 20” cutting disc and non stop fertilizer openers results in perfect fertilizer and seed placement in the hardest conditions with huge quantities of stubble or straw handled effectively.
The Rovic MP locally manufactured range of maize, sorghum, soya and bean planters are available in 8,12,16,18 and 24 row configuration. Planting widths are either 76 or 90cm.
Large airseeder type fertilizer distribution systems have capacities of 3600l, 5300l or 6500l, depending on the number of rows.

The bulk of the fertilizer is band placed by hydraulic tines on the front beam, resulting in a strip-till type operation, where the planting unit follows to do accurate seed placement.

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