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Landrollers & Headstocks

Rovic Landrollers and Headstocks

The Medium Duty rollers (Ø 370mm x 10 bars Ø20) have primarily been designed to break up big clods brought to the surface when working with the DLB and Super range of 3-Point and Trailed implements (Working depth 300mm - 850mm)

Like its smaller counterpart, the Heavy Duty rollers (Ø450mm x 12 Bars Ø25) have primarily been designed to break up big clods when working with the Trailed Super 32 implement. (Working depth 650-800mm) Note! Due to the various makes and model tractors available, it is strongly advised not to fit the H.D. Rollers to 3-Point mounted implements. (Potential to break the tractors 3-Point linkage due to Implement bounce when in transport)
To mount the M.D. and H.D. Rollers to the Frame one can either use a Gravity or Positive Pressure Headstock. The Gravity headstock uses the weight of the Roller to float freely over the soil to break up clods whereas the positive pressure Headstock exerts an adjustable downward pressure (with spring recoil as a safety) to keep the roller in contact with the soil at all times.




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