Rovic Leers
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Balers & Bale Handling

The Rovic Leers range of Baler equipment includes square, round, big pack balers, bale accumulators & grabbers and bale wrappers.

Krone : Field performance, bale quality and bale density are fundamental to the profitability of every baling operation. The unique features and innovations on the balers make a real difference in field performance. 
Kuhn Bale wrappers deliver securely wrapped silage bales.
Cicoria small square balers are renowned for their simplicity and efficiency in producing top quality, heavy bales, time after time.
Kuhns MFG small square bale accumulators trailed behind a small square baler accumulates and packs a grid of 10 bales to be simultaneously picked up and handled by the KUHNS MFG multi-bale grab
Brands include: Krone, Cicoria, Kuhn,Kuhns

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