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Rovic Evenflow Citrus / Orchard Mist Blower

Rovic Evenflow Citrus / Orchard Mist Blower

The ROVIC Evenflow Mist Blower range of locally developed, designed and manufactured mist blowers has the EVENFLOW® turret Patent Registration No. F2017/00593 as an optional specification for higher efficiency in high density orchards. Tested and proven to dramatically increase spray deposition by Fruitgro Science and Experico, makes this the most efficient choice for Deciduous fruit spraying.

The EASS™ makes for easy servicing of the pump and filter, and the range complies with international standards.

Cima offers a full range of horticultural sprayers for every crop, including Vineyard, Citrus, Subtropical, Tobacco and vegetables. The Phd study conducted at the University of Stellenbosch confirmed the superior efficiency of venture technology of the Cima in vineyards. See our Venturi Atomizer category for more information.

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