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Row Crop (Maize)

The Rovic Leers Range includes Kuhn Maxima II

Rovic Leers supplies the world renown Kuhn Maxima II pneumatic precision maize planters in 4,6 and 8 row configurations, whilst the locally manufactured Rovic system can be supplied up to 24 row configuration

The Kuhn Maxima II pneumatic precision maize planters are available in 76 or 91cm row spacing and in 4,6 and 8 row configuration.
Planting maize, soya, sorghum and beans have never been more accurate with the individually adjustable parallelogram seeding/ fertilizer units.
The 800mm opening fertilizer disc is guided by the rubber depth control wheels, placing the singulated seed at accurately calibrated depths and even distances apart. Optional Trash removers, clod clearers, furrow closing scrapers and many more, will assure that the Maxima II will be meeting your individual requirements.

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