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Turkay - 3-Point Mounted (Turkay 1 row)

Turkay - 3-Point Mounted (Turkay 1 row)

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Product Information:

• 3 Point mounted.
• Throughput of up to 35 tons per hour
• Tractor size 35kW
• Clean cut from 5 to 7.5mm.
• Self-sharpening cutting disc.
• Knife grinding attachment.

The MSM 220 is rated for tractors of 35kW and has a throughput of up to 35 tons per hour. Standard features would be a support wheel that has been fitted to maintain a constant cutting height and to help reduce the load on the tractors 3 Point. To ensure long field service with low power consumption, the primary drive is via PTO shafts and enclosed gearboxes (No pulleys and belts). The two self-sharpening cutting discs are made from special steel to ensure a clean and silent cut even when working at the optimum speed of 10 km/h. (The cutting disc and can easily be replaced in a few minutes and to prevent overloading, a safety mechanism has been fitted) The knife rotor is fitted with 12 special blades to ensure a clean cut of between 5 and 7.5mm and sharpening of the blades is done mechanically by means of a knife grinding attachment that is enclosed for safety. By means of an external adjustment, the gap between the knife rotor and cutting frame can be adjusted quickly and easily and the high blowing capacity of the knife rotor, allows the forage to be transported effortlessly through the 3.9m swiveling remote controlled crop chute. (Collapsible for transport)

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