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Kuhn - 3-Point Mounted (Kuhn 1,2 & 4 row)

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Product Information:

• 3 Point mounted.
• 1, 2 and 4 row models available.
• Throughput 49 and 80 tons/hour
• Rated for tractors from 22 to 66 kW
• Chop length 4 or 6 mm
• Self-sharpening cutting disc.
• Knife grinding attachment.

The ability to chop with low power requirement in combination with high output sets KUHN maize choppers apart from all others. Field performance, minimum soil compaction and a cost effective operation contributes that KUHN maize choppers suit the requirements of both farmers and contractors. By taking advantage of the weed insensitive cutting system, the sophisticated feed system and the especially designed chopping wheel ensures that the KUHN maize choppers will be a profitable investment. By offering a 1-row; 2-row and 4-row machine KUHN has an efficient and versatile range of 3-point maize choppers. KUHN maize choppers are not only designed to chop top quality maize but are also built for unmatched reliability.

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