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Krone - Self Propelled (Krone)

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Product Information:

When KRONE previewed the BiG X 500/650/800/1000 range, it presented a fully new Forage Harvester concept. The innovative features, for example – from to 1000 hp level or 14 rows that means more than a 10 meter (34'5") working width, and as standard, road travel at 40 km/h (25 mph). Thanks to the innovative transmission with fully automatic adaptive engine-transmission control allowing maximum speed on the road with the minimum engine rpm – Eco mode, saving time and fuel up to25%. Or think about the hydraulically driven feed rollers that enable the chop length to be adjusted directly from the cab and also on-the-move. The KRONE BiG X is innovative, comfortable and does not forget the basis for the best possible Chop Quality. The latest example of leadership is the synchronization of two differing horsepower rated engines that is within the heart of the BiG X 800.

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