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Kuhn - Maize Shredder 4 - 6.1m

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Product Information:

• Tractor mounted or trailed
• Comprehensive range available.
• Working widths from 2.4m-6.1m
• Ideally suited or tractors from 45 - 191kW
• Height control, semi pivoting wheels
• Universal knives fitted as standard

The RM range leads the field in horizontal axis shredders and its adaptability for shredding makes even work of crop residue, cereal straw, tough stems like maize or sunflower. It can also be used for grassland maintenance and removal of nitrogen-trapping vegetation cover. The shredders can either be fitted with Universal Y-blades for fine shredding of all types of vegetation residue or alternatively, Hammer knives for more woody vegetation like maize stems. The pivoting hood allows one to alter the degree of shredding. If the hood is closed, woody stems are more finely shredded and if the hood is open it allows for faster working when fine shredding is not necessary. The shredding height is height adjusted by either pivoting wheels or a roller. The RM 240 to RM 400 is rigid machines and the RM480 and RM 610 is foldable.

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