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KMC - Combine Harvestor

KMC - Combine Harvestor

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Product Information:

• Tough, robust and reliable
• 4 & 6 row trailed models available
• Headers for 30 – 40” rows (762 – 1016mm)
• Very low LSK rate (0 – 2%)
• Tight  turning circle
• Screen a variety of peanuts

The tough and reliable model *(3374 & 3376) 4 & 6 row combine harvesters from KMC have been rated as having on of the lowest Loose Shelled Kernel (LSK) rates compared to is rivals. When properly maintained and adjusted they are capable of picking peanuts with an LSK rate ranging from 0 - 2% (depending on conditions) Both models have a large hopper capacity of 9m³ which enables them to carry loads of up to 2700kg (depending on moisture content and percentage fill) To facilitate sharp turning the two models are fitted with double swivel gear hitches (No CV drive lines) and single wheel axles. To enable various row widths to be harvested the combines can be fitted with different size headers with inside pick-up widths ranging from 335cm to 580cm. The header height, pick-up reel and auger speed are controlled hydraulically form the tractor seat and to prevent wear, the delivery fan and ducts have a plastic liner fitted. The separator screens are adjustable so that various varieties like Spanish, Runner or Virginia type peanuts can be screened. The separator fan drive is variable speed and fitted with a tachometer for accurate fan adjustment. As optional equipment the units can be fitted with Vine spreader kits.
* All models available as standard import to South Africa

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