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Want to increase your profitability with baling? (2014-11-12)

If you are really serious about increasing your profitability with baling and need to manage large quantities of crop under time pressure, we urge you to invest in the Krone Big Pack.

Info on the Krone Big Pack 1270

  • EasyFlow camless pick-up
  • Variable fill system
  • Compressed air knotter cleaning
  • Funnel-shaped bale chamber for higher baling density
  • Highly compressed and well-tied bales are always guaranteed with Krone Big Pack 

For highest baling densities this machine has seven spring loaded hay dogs in the bale chamber and four hydraulic cylinders for the bale chamber doors. 

If you are really serious about increasing productivity and want to see more information regarding the Big Pack 1270,  View Brochure here or Spec Sheet here