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New ranges at NAMPO 2015 (2015-03-18)

Sneak preview

NAMPO is a great platform to network and stay ahead of the
latest trends and developments in the industry. Willie Human
of Rovic Leers reveals what to look forward to this year.

   • The impressive Kuhn Dominator, Excelerator and In-line Ripper
   • The new Krone Fortima baler that replaces the Round Pack 1250
   • The Rovic 10 000 L lime or manure spreader

How would you answer the question: “Am I mechanised for the future?” Delivering better and faster production has always been the focus at Rovic Leers. This year they are taking it to the next level as they showcase the most advanced new agricultural implements at Grain SA’s NAMPO Harvest Day.

Groundbreaking developments

“Our main focus for 2015 will be introducing the latest ground engaging equipment”, explains Willie Human, Sales Manager of Rovic Leers. Currently the world’s biggest manufacturer of farming implements is a French company called Kuhn. They manufacture primary and vertical ground engaging equipment as well as primary combination equipment in their North American factory.

This year Rovic Leers will exhibit the Kuhn Dominator, Excelerator and In-line Ripper which is a big drawing card for farmers who want to reduce their production cost and utilise the optimal recovery of material residue.

From the Rovic factory they will also showcase the following:
• The brand-new 15 m Trash Fieldspan seedbed preparation equipment, featuring the latest roller/finger harrow combination
• The new Rovic 10 000 L lime or manure spreaders with the very effective hydraulic side discharge
• The latest developments on Rovic tine implements

The latest in forage and balers

For forage producers there is much to see with the latest in Kuhn’s mower and mower conditioner range. A trend that has become popular amongst major forage producers over the last few years is the use of trailed fingerwheel rakes to make quality windrows at high speed with an implement that suits your budget. As such, Rovic will introduce the latest addition to the range – the Kuhn SR50 10-wheel Speedrake that looks just as good economically.

Great news is that the full range of Krone balers will be on show – all with a new look and the latest innovation and technology. Don’t miss the new Krone Fortima baler that replaces the well-known and dependable Round Pack 1250. This baler features the new camless pickup and is equipped to use twine or net. Krone’s top quality twine and net will also be available at the Rovic stand. And, as always, there will be experts from Rovic Leers to demonstrate the various benefits of the products.

Planters and loads more

This year a comprehensive range of large and small seed planters from Kuhn and Rovic can be viewed at NAMPO. This includes the impressive Rovic minimum tillage planter that reduces tillage, saves fuel and labour, and conserves moisture in warm, dry seasons.

Vegetable producers can look forward to the new Checchi and Magli transplanters for seedlings. It can plant compact rows very quickly and with high accuracy on a level surface or prepared seedbeds.

A wide range of sprayers will be featured, including trailed boom sprayers and orchard sprayers. Compression and knapsack sprayers will also be on sale at bargain prices at the Rovic Leers tent.

Loads more can be seen at the Rovic Leers stand. From smaller to the biggest producers can benefit from a visit to their stand at numbers 66, 67 and 68. Come talk to their informed, friendly personnel about the mechanisation of your farm or to view the latest innovations in agricultural equipment.

Excellent NAMPO price promotions can be enjoyed by everyone who visits Rovic Leers during this year’s NAMPO Harvest Day.