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ROVIC LEERS New Product Releases (2014-03-27)

ROVIC LEERS New Product Releases
NAMPO 2014

NAMPO 2014 is used to introduce some new and innovative products from ROVIC LEERS. At the same time there will be very special limited offers on these new and existing products for the customer who would like to beat the inflationary effect of the drastically weakened Rand!

1.    KUHN

Having been the KUHN importer for more than 40 years, ROVIC LEERS is proud to be associated still today with KUHN, which has grown into the largest implement manufacturer in the world! KUHN factories are today in France (4), Brazil, North America and the Netherlands. KUHN has recently announced the acquisition of another Brazilian factory – MONTANA – completing the range of spraying equipment in their offering.

ROVIC LEERS introduces the following range of KUHN products:


•    Kuhn 1140 Dung spreader with Heavy Duty horizontal discharge augers and a 10,8 cub m heaped capacity. It requires a 66 Kw tractor to spread dung, compost and organic material at up to a 6m spread width. The net payload amounts to 11,34 Ton, implicating that the full capacity can be used for wet material.
•    KUHN PS160 Dung spreader with Extra Heavy Duty vertical discharge augers and a heaped capacity of 17 cub m. The net payload amounts to 17,236 Ton, implicating the ability to use its full capacity even with wet material. Spreading of Dung, Manure and compost up to 10m width requires an 118Kw tractor.
•    KUHN PS160 Dung spreader with ACCUSPREAD® discharge system and a heaped capacity of 17 cub m. The net payload amounts to 17,236 Ton, implicating the ability to use its full capacity even with fine particle material. Spreading of Dry manure and Lime up to 14m width requires an 118Kw tractor. The calibration gate is designed for high nutrient material, and the double disc distribution system combined with the scale improves accuracy in application.

The KUHN AXIS range of precision double disc spreaders are available from the 30.1K, capacity 2000 litres and spread width up to 42m, which is the entry into this range. In all instances in the AXIS range, spread width is adjusted by changing placement position of the material on the disc, and no tools are required to achieve this – simply slide a selector on the side of the machine. Up to 90% accuracy in application per hectare with variances of less than 5% over the spread width is achievable with the 30.1K.

The AXIS 30.1Q has a 3000 litre capacity, up to 42m spread width, and has the QUANTRON E electronic DPA control system that keeps the application per hectare constant for varying application speeds. Pre calibration of the material flow rate is the only requirement, and the QUANTRON E takes care of the rest. Up to 95% accuracy in application per hectare with a variance of less than 5% over the spread width is achievable.

The AXIS 30.1W has 3000 litre capacity, up to 42m spread width and a combination of a weighing system coupled to the QUANTRON E to control the application rate with utmost accuracy. The system recalibrates itself at a rate of hundreds of times per minute, weighing and recalculating on a continuous basis. Up to 99% accuracy in application rate per hectare is achievable with a variation of less than 5% over the spread width.

The introduction of the AXIS 40.1 HEMCW is a new breakthrough in accurate fertilizer application. The hydraulically driven spinner discs result in the possibility of changing spread width on the go. Left and right sides are controlled independently. Combining the GPS signal and instruction with the QUANTRON E system and an advanced flow calculation module results in the most accurate of variable rate and width control spreaders available today. Up to 99% accuracy in application per hectare and with variances as little as 2% over the spread width become possible – all controlled by the exact input data as supplied by the mapped master controller.

All the above AXIS models can also be fitted with spread discs for the following categories:
12-18m; 18 – 28m; 24 – 36m; 30 – 42m.

2.    KRONE

KRONE BIG PACK 1290 HDP XC HS: The latest standard in alfalfa bale density and capacity, with the High Speed function now as standard. This is the ONLY baler that can bale ALFALFA at the densities and bale sized required to fill a 40 ft. export high cube container to net payload capacity. Visit our stand to experience this first hand! Many have tried – only one succeeded!

KRONE FORTIMA is the follow up generation on the RP1250 range – the baler to beat for the last 15 years! The FORTIMA has the known and tested chain and slat bale rotation system, and the latest in cam less pick up and modern panels have been added to the specification. Both net and twine can be used in the binding process.

3.    ROVIC 

You are invited to view our latest ROVIC Maize Planter, a new ROVIC chain cassette Spreader and experience our hospitality in our central tent area – children welcome that requires information on projects!

We look forward to receiving you on our stand no 66,67 & 68

Marius Ras (M.Eng)
Groep Marketing Director